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For more than 10 years, we have served valued clients from a variety of industries. From fast-growing start-ups to multinationals, we help every type of organization get smarter about HR and payroll.

"We want to grow, so we want to automate as much as possible."

KFC franchisee Collins works with Salure to build ever smarter HR and payroll processes.

A successful move to AFAS with Salure

Landal GreenParks chose the HR and payroll software developed by AFAS. The conversion and control of the configuration …

"This transition has really been a fantastic step in every way."

During the migration and conversion to AFAS, ALDI enlisted the help of Salure.

"We would never have managed this on our own."

Learn how we transformed the international HR landscape for Swapfiets into working automation solutions.

"The connectors save a tremendous amount of work"

The secret behind the success of this construction company? A flexible and solution-oriented way of working.

An efficient international HR and payroll administration

Favorite Gifts has been helping customers with promotional items for more than 50 years. In 2018, the company chose …

Increase efficiency with dashboards and connectors

Find out why one of the world’s leading ICT providers turned to Salure.

"We are now in control of how we do our payroll"

ServiceNow lets people work better and more efficiently. For optimal interaction between systems …

Why Canon Medical Systems outsources payroll to Salure

Salure helps Canon Medical Systems deliver 250 paychecks each month.

Functional management of AFAS in healthcare

In Rotterdam and the surrounding area, more than 5,000 Laurens care professionals are ready to help the elderly. Salure helps Laurens with the …

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